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  • Your Credit Score’s Effect On Your Love Live


    From Next time you’re pondering the odds that you and your main squeeze will stay together forever, don’t just rely on the opinion of friends. Look at your credit scores. A new working paper (PDF) published by the US Federal Reserve Board finds that the higher your credit score, the higher your chances of a lasting relationship. A trio of economists parsed
  • 7 Things Destroying Your Credit Score


    It’s the paradox of all paradoxes: Shortly after writing a story about the risk of paying a department store card late after the holidays, considering that it’s not in your usual list of costs to pay, I forgot to pay one of mine. To be fair, I did check online for my declaration a couple of times, however it had not been all set yet. And in some way I
  • 4 Surefire Ways To Make Your Credit Score Crater


    The credit score of the average American is improving because of falling unemployment and recuperating housing and stock exchange. Which’s good news, given that banks are counting on credit report greatly in the post-recession world. However in some cases credit scores tumble for seemingly inexplicable factors. If that takes place to you, then knowing why credit

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