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  • Medical Debt Impacting Credit Score


    From A new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau finds that 52% of all debt on credit reports is medical debt. The CFPB attributes part of the problem to a debt collection practice called “parking.” The federal agency says some debt collectors will ding the consumer’s credit before even notifying the consumer that there’s an outstanding medical
  • Science Links Poor Health With Poor Credit


    From TIME Magazine: Bad scores can be a sign of poor health Never mind the blood pressure test: A new study finds that you can tell how healthy someone’s heart is just by looking at their credit score. The study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, finds a correlation between high credit, cognitive ability and self-control. Researchers
  • From Broke and Back: I Got Out of Credit Card Debt, Here’s How


    In May 2011, Melissa Gilraeth’s credit score bottomed out it’s lowest level of 462. Having 7 charge cards, she openly purchased clothes, took trips as well as bought books for her education– all on credit. The transformational moment came when she could not seek her passions in life since she had to work herself to the bone just to pay the bills. She

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