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  • Is Vantage Score Poised To Top FICO?


    Is VantageScore nipping at FICO’s heels? FICO’s main rival revealed Tuesday that more than 6 billion VantageScores were used in the Twelve Month that ended June 30, compared to 3 billion the previous Twelve Month and just 1 billion the year before that. FICO, based in San Jose, says about 10 billion FICO scores originated from consumer credit reports were
  • Social Media And Your Credit Score Might Intertwine


    FICO, one of the country’s largest credit rating business, just recently expanded the methods it checks a customer’s creditworthiness, consisting of taking a look at details published on social networks sites such as Facebook. The business, developer of the FICO credit scoring system, is likewise taking a look at sorting through smartphone records,
  • Will Being Drunk On Facebook Affect Your Credit Score?


    You currently know to think twice prior to publishing images and stories about your wild Saturday night to Facebook. Current headlines may have offered you more need to hold back. Not so fast, states FICO, the most extensively used credit score. Exactly what it and others in the industry are doing instead is looking at alternative data, such as phone and utility

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