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  • Want An 800 Credit Score? Follow These 5 Tips


    NEW YORK– U.S. consumer credit ratings are inching upward, which’s good news for the economy with fiscally accountable consumers who have a much better handle on managing their debt than they did prior to the Great Economic downturn. Information from FICO reveal the following: More customers have a FICO rating of 800 or above, 19.9 percent of customers in
  • Yes Millenials, You Can Improve Your Low Credit Score


    Have you heard? Millennials have the worst credit report of any generation. The data point plays well with among Americans’ preferred activities: discussing the dismal state of the nation’s youngest consumers. The typical 19- to 34-year-old has a credit score of 625, however it’s 650 for Gen X (35-49), 709 for child boomers and the best Generation
  • AGH! You’re Unknowingly Lowering Your Credit Score!


    If you’ve ever tried to get authorized for a mortgage or a car loan, you understand how crucial your credit score can be. The difference of as low as a hundred points on your credit in time can cost you countless dollars. Credit expert John Stanford stated the issue ares financially-savvy consumers commonly do not realize their decisions might lower their

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